Wednesday, October 22


Finding the right foundation is a tough thing. I think pretty much anyone can relate to this feeling. For me, the toughest thing is to find the right shade for my super pale skin. Even the lightest shade from Lancôme or Chanel will be too dark for me. The next thing is the consistency; I prefer a foundation that's not totally liquid, but a pressed compact or cream foundation is nothing for me, either. Also, my perfect foundation needs to have at least a medium coverage, preferably buildable.
In this post, I've rounded up my three top foundations that all meet my expectations, starting with my personal holy grail product.
  • By Terry "Cover Expert" in Neutral Beige - This is hands-down my very favourite foundation. It smells lovely and feels like silk on the skin. The colour isn't even the lightest shade (it's number 2) and is yet perfect for my skin tone. I dare say that anyone who tries this will adore it, but the down side is the very expensive price. In Germany, it costs 48 Euros. Sure, it does last you many months, but buying it always feels like a little obstacle. This is why I try less pricey foundations every now and then, but at least once a year I end up buying my beloved Cover Expert. I recently wore it in my "Sunny Autumn Days" post.
  • Catrice "All Matt Plus" in Light Beige - When it comes to drugstore products, I am very happy  with Catrice Cosmetics. Always affordable and always in decent quality. This foundation goes onto my skin smoothly, but unfortunately, it's a tiny bit too dark for me. I tend to mix it with another very light foundation, making it a really great colour match. For a retail price of 6,50 Euros, this is a definite recommendation! (A post wearing it is in the making.)
  • Missha "Signature Real Complete BB Cream" in Light Milky Beige - This is the very first BB cream I purchased and I was instantly pleased with the quality as well as the incredible colour. At first I was a bit skeptical if it might be too light for me, but luckily I'm pale enough to wear it, haha. This product is still in its 'testing phase', but I can see myself buying it again. It offers a great coverage and blends into my skin very evenly. I wore it in my "Little Princess" and "Walk in the Park" posts.
Here are my three crucial additions to any of the foundations:
  • Lenibrush "Top Flat Kabuki LBF01" - Until most recently, I never cared too much about the makeup brushes I was using. But since I discovered Zoeva and Lenibrush, I realized how much a good makeup brush improves the entire application process as well as the result. This kabuki brush helps me put on foundation flawlessly.
  • Manhattan "Soft Compact Powder" in Transparent - I think I go through one box of this powder in two months (or less). This makes me wonder.. do I use too much of it or is this a normal amount? Anyways, I love how this transparent powder sets my makeup and evens out and softens my complexion. The price is a total steal, I think it costs about 3 Euros in the drugstore.
  • Maybelline "The Eraser" in Fair - A nice product to hide under eye circles. I've never been much of a concealer girl, always preferring a foundation that gives enough coverage, but this concealer is a decent product that has found its place in my daily makeup routine although I'd like it to give a bit more coverage.
This has turned out to be a very text-heavy post. I hope you might find it helpful if you're still on the search for a good foundation!

Love, Susann
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Tuesday, October 21


It's mid-October and the skies are blue, can you believe it? This is what I wore on Saturday for a walk into town with my boyfriend when he showed me a park I had never been to before. That's a great aspect about living in a big city - there's always something new to discover.
And what a great occasion to wear my Chanel sunglasses again! I am slightly obsessed with sunglasses at the moment, and I can't decide if I should buy Céline's 'Audrey' (timeless and elegant) or Karen Walker's 'Super Duper Strength' (slightly more modern). Any thoughts or other recommendations?

Love, Susann

What I'm wearing:
Jacket - H&M
Shirt - Ralph Lauren
Skirt - Zara
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Ara
Sunglasses - Chanel
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Monday, October 20


Since I opened my blog again, my boyfriend has obtained the honourable duty of taking my daily outfit photos. Of course, we had taken photos together before when we were travelling, but taking photos for the blog is different; it is far more challenging. When we took the first photos for the "Back to University" post last week, it felt so awkward being in the park with many people surrounding us and me giving my boyfriend instructions on how to take my outfit photos. But few instructions sufficed and suddenly, my boyfriend turned into this amazing fashion photographer! I love him, and I love how (most of) the photos these days are turning out and I think these are my favourite ones yet.

In terms of the outfit, I've owned this dress for four years now (this post is from when I first wore it) and still like wearing it because it allows me to throw on one of my countless waist belts that I rarely get to wear.

Love, Susann
What I'm wearing:
Trench Coat - Vero Moda
Dress - Asos
Cardigan - Warehouse
Bag - Prada
Shoes - Ara
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Sunday, October 19


Happy Sunday everybody! I guess you will have to get used to seeing my H&M coat in every other outfit post. It is simply the perfect piece for autumn days and I'm hoping for a 'warm' winter so I can wear it instead of puffy down jackets. Somehow, wearing this coat has a princess-y feel to it which I totally love and I think my pearl and rhinestone headband sort of adds to that.

Thank you for the many nice comments I'm receiving. It means a lot to me that you correspond to my posts!

Love, Susann
What I'm wearing:
Coat - H&M
Shirt - Nice Connection
Faux Leather Pants - Esprit
Bag and Shoes - Prada
Headband - Forever21
Earrings - Tiffany&Co.
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